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Good Ideas for Long Distance Relationship Gifts

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Sunday, April 30, 2017
Is your partner thousands of miles away? Do you wish to make your long distance relationship work? Do you have the confidence and the desire to make it work? You can make it happen. You can make your long distance relationship work just like any couple can.

Don't believe in the negativity that people say. You can make it work. If you love your guy, then there's a reason why you need to put an extra effort to it. Don't expect that you'll be the only person to receive surprises and gifts. He deserves to be surprised too. There are various long distance relationship gifts that you can give to him. The little things that you give will make him feel special. Here are some long distance relationship gift ideas that can be useful to you. Remember; don't let the distance be the hindrance for your love for him.

Love Letters

Make it a point to send him a love letter once a month. It's handwritten and sent by mail. A hand-written love letter is incomparable to emails and text messages. You put a lot of effort to writing and heading to the post office to send your message. If you do not have any idea as to what to write, you can write a poem or tell him that you miss him. He will surely appreciate your hand-written love letter. It is so old-school and just like in the Medieval times.

IXP3 Internet Message Clock

Whoever thought of inventing this thing must be a genius. Also, he must be into the long distance relationship. This is a first perhaps to the traditional clock that most people have. What you get is a clock that is connected right to the Internet. You instantly get messages from anywhere in the world. You can get messages from your partner no matter where he is. You can look it up in the InnovaToys website. An awesome way to wake up in the morning. As your alarm clock rings, you get to see the message from your loved one. A digital love note from your loved one will make you start the day right.


Print your photos. Choose the photos wherein fond memories were captured. Buy a collection and put all your pictures in it. Be creative and make it look appealing. You can write some love quotes to make it more romantic. Do you have a theme song? You can put the lyrics of your theme song into the scrapbook. Make it colorful. Once you are done with it, give it to your partner before he leaves.

Plane Ticket

No, this isn't a plane ticket heading to your place. Book a ticket for both of you. You might wonder where you'll go. Figure out what lies between your position and his place. Say for example he is up north and you are down south, meet halfway through. This is something different that probably most couples with long distance relationships haven't thought about doing

Swap Clothes

This doesn't mean that you all of a sudden begin cross dressing, but sometimes it is nice to have an article of clothing from your partner to sleep in. A man's t-shirt is an excellent idea, and it will remind her of him every time she turns in for the night.

Surprise Weekend

There is no better gift for a long distance relationship than the gift of being able to spend time together. Try planning a surprise visit to see your boyfriend or plan a weekend to another spot. You can also try sending your partner hints on what to pack so he can be totally surprised when he gets to your final destination.

Buy a Book

Long distance relationships can thrive when the two people are doing the same thing but in different cities. Try buying your partner a book he would love, and then the two of you read the same book at the same time. This will give you both something good to share, and you can also start an excellent library at the same time.

Leave Surprises

Being with your partner for a few days, don't leave without leaving behind a few surprises for him to find. You can tuck these in places like a wallet, car or even in the refrigerator. They will be a sweet reminder of your love, and he will find himself looking in anticipation for the next surprise.

Long distance relationship can be rough, but by taking the time to come up with some unique gifts for each other, you can make the time you spend separated go by quickly and easily.