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Uni Isn't For Everyone, Is It?

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Monday, September 29, 2014
Hey guys,

I wanted to talk about something a little more serious and at the moment, with my college career coming to an end,  going to university is a big decision i have to start thinking about.

I have been a college student for 3 years now, (this year being my fourth!) I found it very hard to settle for one particular career path as i didn't know what i wanted to do as a career. I also didn't get very good grades in secondary school so m options were limited.

As well as not having the criteria required for most college courses, My self- confidence was very lo, this meant i found it particular hard to find something i felt i was good at.

My decision after secondary school lead me to do a basic hair and beauty course. As much as i love makeup and hair styling, I really didn't enjoy the environment of this industry. I felt the other students were clear in there ideas for what jobs they wanted and this intimidated me. As much as i tried, I couldn't stick out the whole year and left a few months before the course ended. Looking back now It probably would have benefited me if i stayed, purely to gain that certificate.

The next year i decided to retake some of m GCSE's as i knew it would give me a wider range of course choices, as well as to allow me to have the option of going to university. I chose to do maths, English literature, English language, media studies and humanities. Throughout all of this i was still struggling with my own personal issues with confidence, e.t.c. Around half way through the year long course, I finally decided i had pushed my own very small limits and had to drop media studies. I also feel my issues meat my grades at the end of the course were lower then i was capable of getting.

However, i Soldiered on and wanted to do one last course before i turned 19 and college was no longer free. The course I chose, ( and still currently on) was an art and design course which is 2 years long. I chose to do an art course as i knew i enjoyed all aspects of art and this was one the subject i did do well in at school. 

I have already completed the first year and have just started my second year. This year, our main focus is preparing a good, quality portfolio for future employers and university interviews. My teacher are very keen for us all to apply for universities. Although I really love the idea of finally having the chance to go to university, i really don't know if its something I would enjoy, or even be capable of. 

I have worked really hard on this course, much harder than any other, or even when i was at school. However, im still uncertain of my future and what career path interests me the most. Maybe i will know closer to the time of applying when its something for me or not. But, for now, I think its OK to not know, and perhaps it means that when i finally do know, that it will be something amazing.

Are any of you applying to uni this year? If so i would love to hear about it!

Introducing Beau

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you a special little bunny who i adopted a couple of months ago. 
He is a 4 month old Lionhead.

He has such a bold personality, loves cuddles and is a huge attention seeker!
Beau is a house bunny so he free-roam's my bedroom most of the day and every morning i get a huge bunny wake up call when he jumps on my bed.  He can be really cheeky and strops when he doesn't get his own way but that's all part of his character. 
I found him on an ad while i was looking for a new run for the piggies. I saw his picture and fell in love with him straight away. Before i knew it, i was on my way to go pick him up! 

Im so happy i found him, he fits in to our family so well and everyone who meets him falls for his cheeky charm.

I will do more pet related posts featuring my rabbit and guinea pigs. Let me know if you have any ideas for some good pet posts.

Do you guys have any pets? I'd love to see a post on your pets too!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014
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