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Best Sleeping Positions For Sciatica Relief

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Sunday, July 30, 2017
Sciatica is among the most difficult conditions to live with. This is a condition that gives you a hard time adjusting to your sleeping schedule; the culprit being the longest nerve that’s subjected to inflammation or compression. Most often than not, you’ll experience a throbbing and burning sensation that makes sleeping quite difficult.

There are many medications you can use to deal with sciatica. But that won’t work well in case you don’t improve your sleeping habits. So that begs the question - what are the best sleeping positions for sciatica relief?

Below we look at the two main sleep positions that will guarantee you a good night’s sleep. But before that, there’s one thing worth pointing out. You should first take into consideration the firmness of the mattress on which you sleep on.

For those suffering from sciatica, it’s recommended that they sleep on a harder mattress with some extra pillows to provide support for the head, shoulders, and knees. The main goal here is to keep the neck and the spine in proper alignment for greater pain relief.

Side Sleeping 

Side sleeping is recommended for those that suffer from severe sciatica or lower back pain. This position works to shift pressure away from the spine. Ensure to always maintain a fetal position, which in many aspects, is more healthy.

Even though rolling of legs might seem quite tempting, try to avoid it. Any roll creates a twisting pressure felt on the lower back; something that might irritate the sciatic nerve even further. The best alternative is to place some pillows beneath the top leg. This will help keep your leg and spine in a neutral position while easing the twisting pressure.

Back Sleeping 

In case side sleeping doesn’t go too well with you, sleeping on your side will be the only alternative you have. Though a recommended sleeping position, how you do it can either alleviate the pain or make it even worse.

To avoid that, you need to get yourself an adjustable bed. Such beds provide a sleeping surface that’s anatomically correct. Just like in side sleeping, you need to also add some supports in a back sleeping position. This will help keep the spine from twisting into a flexed position, hence less pain.

Adjustable beds provide the support you need in maintaining a natural spine alignment. This provides a total relief from both leg and back pain. In case you can’t afford an adjustable bed, then it’s time that you improvise using pillows. These are placed under the knees to keep them in an elevated position. Place a small rolled towel underneath your neck and you’ll be good to go.

Final Word 

These are the best sleeping positions if you want to relieve the leg and back pains caused by sciatica.

You’ll hear some people recommending that you sleep on your stomach. Well, there’s just nothing helpful sleeping in this position. It will only cause your spine to arch, hence contributing to further pain and injuries. Just stick to these two sleeping positions and you’ll surely get the relief you’re looking for.