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Friday, February 22, 2013
I know its a little late into the year (2 months into the year!) but i wanted to make a list of "goals" if you like that i would like to pursue by 2014;

  1. read more books! read everyday(if i can) read,read,read...
  2. Don't watch so much t.v! I watch TV everyday and its almost always on.
  3. Go out more. Not just like seeing friends and socialising, but actually doing productive things out of the house because i spent way too much time in my own company locked away in the comfort of my home.
  4. Eat less crap! To be honest i don't really eat that badly all the time and i actually enjoy eating healthy food, but when i want, i ca eat sweet and cakes and fast food in the masses. (my poor waistline)
  5. Work really hard at college. I don't do too bad when it comes to college but i can always do with working a little harder.


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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

 I always go straight to the back of Topshop to were they have there amazing shoes and great makeup.

I also spent a lot of time on the topshop website and came across the 'magic eyeliner' which i knew i had to have!

Today i went in and purchased it. this little beauty is a felt tip eyeliner in black. As i had hoped, the tip is really fine and great for precise lines and thin wings.

SUPERDRUG: I have recently been looking for some hair products containing argon oil. today i came across this product from 'fudge'. It claims to be a 3 in 1 product which defrizzes, smoothes and conditions, with a bonus of added argon oil.

Th consistency is like a serum which is handy and easy to apply. i So far have only used it on the ends of my dry hair and that seems to have made my hair look healthier and shinier. You can also use this on wet hair and before you straighten so i am looking forward to using this product more often.

PRIMARK::  I never really can find anything in Primark that i like, but at the moment they have some really nice, pretty little nic nacs which i had to be apart of.

I fist picked up these assorted earrings. they are quit small which i like as i have stretchers and 2 piercing in each ear so i don't have much room for big earrings. (not to mention i have abnormally small ears.) they were really cheap which is always a good thing and there are so many which all go nicely together.

Next i found this pretty little headband. I'm a big fan of having my hair up, especially in between hair washing days. they had loads of different designs and colours but this one stood out to me the most. i felt like it could go with most things and doesn't really clash with my hair.

As we got to the queue to pay, i noticed this jumper. I really truly j'adore over sized jumpers and wear one literally everyday, so i can always do with a new one. I really like the colour of this jumper and the length is perfect for if i wanted to wear leggings.

So there are my little shopping trip goodies, :) It wasn't a big shop but I'm certainly happy with what i got so without a doubt money well spent.