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Friday, February 22, 2013
I know its a little late into the year (2 months into the year!) but i wanted to make a list of "goals" if you like that i would like to pursue by 2014;

  1. read more books! read everyday(if i can) read,read,read...
  2. Don't watch so much t.v! I watch TV everyday and its almost always on.
  3. Go out more. Not just like seeing friends and socialising, but actually doing productive things out of the house because i spent way too much time in my own company locked away in the comfort of my home.
  4. Eat less crap! To be honest i don't really eat that badly all the time and i actually enjoy eating healthy food, but when i want, i ca eat sweet and cakes and fast food in the masses. (my poor waistline)
  5. Work really hard at college. I don't do too bad when it comes to college but i can always do with working a little harder.

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