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My Wonderland Garden

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Sunday, June 30, 2013
When the the sun is shining. And I'm having a lazy lounging around day, I love nothing more then to hang out in my garden. If I'm not reading a book out there, then i'll be hanging out with my animals or maybe even playing around in my sketch book. Evan in the evenings it turns into a magical wonderland with outdoor candles, twinkly lights and the sound of our neighbors water-feature.

There are so many different elements to my garden. All of which can be enjoyed by the whole family. In the summer, our flowers bloom a whole range of captivating colours and our strawberries and herbs begin to show up.

D.I.Y studded cross tee

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

You will need:

  • A plain t-shirt
  • studs
  • ruler
  • pencil

The studs i used are silver round flat-headed studs with four spokes to secure your stud on the material. These ones i purchased on eBay for around £2.00. I searched in the eBay search engine 'D.i..y studs' and hundreds of different packs of them came up.

Step 1:

Start by stenciling in a line directly down the center of your tee.

Step 2:

Next create a second line roughly where the top of the cross would go. Ensure the line is straight, then add a mark on either side of the line equal lengths apart.

Step 3:

Start adding your stud from the interception of both lines. push the stud in place, then carefully flip to the underside of the top and you should be able to see all four spokes of the stud.

Step 4:

Next you need to push down all of the spokes so that they are turned in to the inside of the stud. This will stoop the spokes from irritating your skin.

Step 5: 

Follow the first line you made, stud all the way along about 5 mm apart.

Step 6:

It can be quite tricky to keep them all aliened correctly but do your best to ensure they are all following the line.

Step 7:

After you have completed the first line, start on the second line following the same process.

Step 8:

Add studs either side of the cross and follow along the original cross.

This will make the cross bolder and more outstanding.

And walare, the finished product! You can experiment with different designs, materials or studs.
Hope you enjoyed!

Bare Minerals Marvelous MOXIE Lipgloss

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

This is a fabulous lip gloss from Bare minerals. Its in a stunning bubblegum pink shade and makes my lips appear fuller and healthier. 

The MOXIE lip gloss smells a lot like mint tic tacs, sweet and fresh. It also has a minty taste too. 
The applicator is longer then most and is great for precision. 

After applying the colour, your lips feel slightly tingly as the plumping agent begins to work. However its not an unbearably irritating like some other lip plumping lip glosses.

Overall its a great everyday lip gloss which i will be using a lot of this summer.

Matte nails

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

I'm really loving different nail effects at the moment, one of my fave is matte nails. they can completely change the color and style of your nail polish and all you need is a matte top coat over any solid color.

I bought the Matte Finish by Rimmel. It was £4.59 from boots. As far as nail polish goes, its kind of pricey but the quality of the product makes it worth it.

After applying my color and allowing it to dry for a short time, I put the top coat on. It  dries fairly quickly and the matte effect appears more so throughout the drying process.

Contrasting matte nails with gloss nails looks really great and its surprisingly easy. Experimenting with different designs is also great fun!


E.L.F Haul

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Friday, June 14, 2013
ELF is an online makeup brand. I believe they are British but do ship around the world. There products are  super cheap despite there good quality.
I'm always a little nervous buying makeup online. Its hard to know what products are good and what are poor quality. But i have bought a few bits from E.L.F in the past and wanted to try out a few more things.
So, here are the products i purchased from ELF  Enjoy :D...

I payed for my order on a Saturday and it arrived roughly 4 days after i ordered it. A lot quicker than i expected. I always get really excited before an order arrives and have even more fun going through my what i have bought. 

This is what i first opened.

I was first enticed by the name of this nail polish. I don't own a metallic black/silver/grey. This one has a silver glitter to it. And surprisingly, a slight red glitter which really adds depth to it.

This next nail polish was a little different than i expected. I know you shouldn't be surprised if the colours on the site differ slightly. but the picture on the website gave me a completely different idea of the colour
(Taken from the official E.LF cosmetics website)

Here, the colour seems to be more of a deep plum. However it arrived and seemed to be an orange red with gold flex.

None the less, i am rather happy with it. Its very much a Christmas colour.

Next are these fantastic nail polishes in 3 summer shades which i got in a set. 

Yellow, Party peach, Teal blue. They are all really great shades and I'm sure i will get to wear them all!

This yellow is a light banana colour, it has no shimmer to it, which i like.

Party peach
 This is a wonderful coral colour with a slight orange shimmer.

Teal blue

I really love this blue. It is a blue/green  and has no shimmer to it.

This blush unfortunately isn't as pigmented as i would have liked. It has a slight shimmer to it but barely shows its amazing peachy pink colour. 

However, i do like that it has a handy mirror in the compact and is a cute little handbag size.

It could still be used for a subtle highlighter.

 I have a custom eye shadow palette from Space N.K, I really enjoyed creating it so i though I'd try out the one from E.L.F. there's a whole range of eye shadows, lip colours and blushers but i decided to make this one only eye shadows.

I love the little eye detail embossed on each eye shadow. They are all slightly shimmery, but not too much which i also like.

The palette itself is quite plain and not the most attractive one out there but none the less, it does what its supposed to.

It also has a huge mirror which is always a good thing.

The pigmentation isn't brilliant. However, its still shows off its pretty colour range.

You could argue this is a bit of a random buy, But surprisingly i don't actually own a brow brush!

This one is super cheap and brilliant quality. The bristles are fine and fluffy and great for tidying up brows.

This is the eyebrow lifter and filler. I really liked this idea and wanted to try it out for myself.

The packaging is smart and practical. Although the thin plastic lids look worryingly easy to break. (which I'm somehow always doing!)

One thing i really love is the handy sharpener attached to the the lid. 

The constancy of the two sides, to me, feels more like an eye liner rather then a brow pencil.

I want to try the Bare minerals foundation, but wasn't prepared to pay the hefty price for it. So instead, i opted to try this cheaper version.  

I cant believe how similar the packaging is to bare minerals! its literally exactly the same.

So far i am enjoying using it. I normally use it as a setting powder, over my regular liquid foundation. But on the days when i do not really need foundation, i can use it on it own.

E.l.f do three different flavours of these lip balms. I have tried the other two and literally fell in love with them. So i though i might as well try this one too.

It is arguably my favourite one. It has a really intense smell of vanilla which is one of my favourite scents. They are so incredibly delicious and definitely do  a good job at moisturising my lips.

These lipsticks are normally £5.00. Because e.l.f can sometimes be a bit of a hit and miss, i was a little skeptical about trying them. Thankfully, they were on sale for half the price and so i had to get one!

I got the shade Rich raspberry as i thought it was a nice easy colour to be able to wear everyday, but also could be dressed up a little.

The packaging again is quite classy. But the case is definitely bigger then it needs to be.

Its has a nice pigmentation to it. Its also really moisturising and soft. I haven't tested the staying power of it yet but hope its long lasting. It also a lot like Gypsy which is also from e.l.f. Gypsy is one of my favourite lipsticks ever.

So that's it. I hope you enjoyed!