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Monday, June 10, 2013
#1  My favourite colour pink. It always has been and always will be.

#2  I love horses! i used to ride horses all the time for years an years and Evan got to work in a stables for a couple of years. there i made loads of friends an had some of the best and most memorable experiences of my life.

#3  My favorite movies are the resident evil box set. i love the action, zombie killing and awesome
 butt-kicking characters.

#4   My favorite flower is a lily. pink ones to be specific! a lily would be my ideal present.

#5  I went to ballet classes until i was about 14. I loved it and wish i was still doing it!

#6   I've always had pets in my house since i was teeny tiny. I've had fish, rabbits, hamsters,guinea pigs, cats, dogs. haha you name it, i have most likely owned it!

#7   I love to bake. usually sweet things like brownies and cookies. I like to be  inventive and make my own recipes but sometimes my inventions are a little too pretentious. (my chilli chocolate muffins were a bad idea)

#8  I get really nervous eating in front of people, especially new people. Eating with me in a restaurant is a complete nightmare

#9  During the winter and colder months i turn into a super-hermit. It really takes a lot for me to go more then a few miles from my house

#10   I'm 18 years old i have only managed to read about 4 books. And there pretty much all from school.  I know...terrible

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