Toys Ideas for 5 Year Old Boys

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Saturday, May 27, 2017
Let’s face it, children and toys are quite inseparable. However, you don’t want to get your kid something that might look odd for their age and gender. Talking about age and gender, we’ve got those little boys aged 5 years old. So what’s the ideal toys to get boys in this age group? Below are five recommendations for parents looking to purchase toys for their 5 year old boys.

1. Fire Kids Edition Tablet

You don’t want your kid to be left behind in the digital world. Therefore you need to cultivate it in him as early as possible. And there’s no better way to do it than getting him Fire Kids Edition Tablet. He will surely love the large display and endless digital content to choose from. From books, educational apps, games, movies and TV shows, your kid will get that unlimited and momentous entertainment experience. The beauty of it all - there are smart filters to ensure that he gets access to only age-appropriate content. This lets him enjoy without any supervision.

2. Remote Controlled Car

Boys have a love for cars and it might be the right time to give them a feel of it. That’s where toy cars come in handy. To create more fun, choose remote controlled cars that have some effects in them. This will help take their minds to the real world of automotive. Be sure to select one that has a good remote-control range to let your kid get the most out of it. You may decide to choose the larger remote-controlled toy cars that allow your kid to jump in and enjoy that real-life ride.

3. Balance Bike

Let your little boy enjoy a ride of his life by getting him a balance bike. Unlike training wheels, balance bikes have proven to be more versatile in teaching your kid balance skills. This bike gives them a chance to explore the outdoors. Apart from balancing skills, it develops that confidence in your kid. What’s more, a balance bike will give him some little exercise for improved overall health. In short, you get to give him one healthy hobby to venture in. Ensure to get a balance bike that has additional features, such as brakes.

4. Quadcopter

You can choose to take his fun above the ground by getting him a toy quadcopter. The mention of a quadcopter might sound like an expensive toy for a kid. On the contrary, quadcopters aren’t always that expensive, especially when you get one that’s got no camera in it. Some might set you back for as little as $20. And even if you get the expensive models, these little toy aircraft are worth it since they provide a fun air-cruising experience like no other.

5. Model Building Set

Give your kid the fun you get from setting up a building. This can be better achieved by getting him a model building set comprising of construction machines and the various building components. An example is KNEX 1241835 Model Building Set, which includes virtually anything you need to set up that perfect toy building. A building set will be a perfect choice for improving his love for home improvement projects.
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