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Monday, December 08, 2014
Really sorry my November faves are a little late, but better late than never, right?!
So again, This month I have been so busy with school that alot of my decisions were made on products/item that were convenient as well as calming and relaxing. So here they are;

I think that anyone ad everyone can say that this has to be the cutest colour combo of all  tangle teezers.! I know that these brushes have been raved about a million times over, but  really just couldn't resist to add a little rave myself. I've wanted one of these for a bazillion years but could never really bring myself to spend that much money on a hairbrush. However, after a little wonder around boots a month or so ago, I came across this little beauty and couldn't part ways with it. I have to admit, It has made a dramatic difference to my morning routine. It runs through my incredibly knotty hair easier the i thought possible. I don't think  Will ever use any other hair brush for as long as i live.

So, Its miserably  cold outside and definitely the time of year when you need to put on the central heating. As much as i love being all cosy and warm in the winter, the central heating is a killer for my hair and leaves it dry. I have this hair mask for a while now and almost forgot that i even had it. I did however use it on multiple occasions throughout the past month and i can honestly say, it has improved my hair so much and left it super soft and shiny. The only issue i find with this product s that it doesn't smell the most fantastic. But nonetheless, I have enjoyed it whilst taking an hour or two away from my studies to relax in a bath tub of bubbles with this mask in my hair.

As well as my hair becoming dry throughout the colder months, I've noticed my skins also tends to be at its worst. I often have incredibly dry skin, as well as the occasional break-out. (*Gasp)
I have definitely needed a much more intense moisturiser to keep my skin looking healthy. I picked up this one recently during a sale in superdrug for really cheap and though I'd give it a go. I'm so happy with its performance. I love that its a really thick ad intense formula, but doesn't feel like too much. Its Nice and light and has a pleasant scent.

As mentioned above, I have been major busy with college work and loved products with "convenience". This for me is definitely one of them. I use use this palette for my blush, contour and highlighter. What i love most about this palette is that's every shade is so wearable and buildable. I can use this palette for an everyday look and then use it again the evening for a more intense look. It have a great range of colours that go great with a lot of my lip colours. To be honest there is nothing really i can say against this product and definitely recommend it to anyone, even just to try out.

So that's it for my November faves. Short but sweet. I hope you liked it, I'd love to know hat you guys have been loving this month. if you guys have tried any of these products, if so how did you find them?

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  1. Great favourites. Tangle teezers are the best and I've had mine for over a year now. The Bleach mask sounds like a great hair product. xx


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