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Sunday, January 12, 2014
 Im so gratful for being nominated for the Leibster award by the amazing miss ace at /http://missace99.blogspot.co.uk/

The rules:

1. You must link back the person who nominated you.
2. You must answer the 11 questions chosen by the person who nominated you.
3. You have to pick 11 people to nominate with under 200 followers.4. You can't nominate the person who nominated you.5. You must tell the nominees they have been nominated.

The questions:

These are the question i was set to answer.

1. What was your favourite summer memory?

Definitely going to Barcelona last year with my friends. 
2. What's your favourite palette? 

Hands down, the naked 2 palette.
3. Who is your favourite blogger?

I like reading lots of blogs but my favourite would probably be Tanya Burr
4. Who is your celeb crush?

Oooh..Johnny Depp 
5. What is your favourite makeup brand?

I don't really have a favourite, but i do own a lot of  products from elf.
6. When did you start getting into makeup?

I started collecting makeup around the ages of 10/11. 
7.  Fashion or Makeup?

This is a hard one. Can i say 50/50?
8. What is the makeup item you cannot live without?

9. What is your most worn pair of shoes?

My brown Chelsea boots from h & m, I literally wear them everyday.
10. Who is your favourite youtuber?

Again, i watch a ton of you tubers, but my fave would be Tanya Burr.
11. Who is your inspiration?
Okay, a tad cheesey but my mom and my aunt.

These are the questions i have set for my nominees:

  1. What made you want to start a blog?
  2. your best childhood memory?
  3. the last song you listened to?
  4. a secret that not many people know?
  5. Your favourite time of the day?
  6. What hobbies do you have?
  7. Your favourite lunchtime meal?
  8. A fear you have?
  9. What was your favourite holiday?
  10. Who was the last person you texted?
  11. Your current favourite movie?

My nominees are:

3 comments on "Leibster award"
  1. Thank you very much! I've answered at it here :)

  2. thank you so much!! I'll post it on friday. (and definitely my celeb crush is also johnny depp!)

    See you soon!


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