How i went from brown to blonde

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Monday, April 29, 2013
Bleaching my hair was not a decision i made on a whim, in fact it took me a year to decide  to take the plunge.

I decided to have my hair cut from a medium/long length to short (just above my shoulders). I did this because i knew the ends of my hair were of poor quality and did not want to risk my hair falling off!

I first wanted to ensure that my hair was in the best quality possible. To do this, i washed my hair with intense conditioner and repair serums. I also avoid all heat on my hair. The week before i used the bleach, i decided not to wash my hair at all. this was so my hair had a natural barrier of protection.

Bleaching hair at home without a professional is very risky and if you want to ensure no mess ups,  fully advise you to go to a hairdresser. But, i do not have the luxury of having money to spend on hairdressers.

My hair to start with, was a dark brown. I knew that i would have to bleach it multiple times in order to achieve the right colour. I would recommend allowing a week or so between each session. Courageous me, decided to bleach mine 4 times in 3 days! If i had had the time, i wouldn't have done it so quickly. But i had college a week later and wanted in done in time.

Products i used:

Jerome Russel b blonde high lift powder bleach
Jerome Russel b blonde developer in 40 vol, then 30 vol
Provoke touch of silver shampoo

1st bleaching

I left the bleach in my hair for about 30 minutes. once i had washed it out, i was faced with fluorescent orange hair! is was quite a shock but i was reassured by knowing it would soon be gone.

2nd bleaching

I was a little nervous about bleaching my hair again but did it anyway. I had to bleach my whole head again as it was all orange, i had also missed few bits the first time so had to cover them. I t came out a toxic yellow colour! Again, i was completely mortified but knew it had to be done.

3rd bleaching

I was really hoping that this would be the last time i would have to bleach my hair. My hair was looking so sad and tired after bleaching the last two times. I left it on for about 15 minutes. I dyed my hair a slightly more diluted orange colour. I then shampooed my hair with the silver toning shampoo. i left this on for about 30 minutes. Washing the shampoo out, i noticed that my hair was a lot shinier, and the lighter bits were more peach-toned.

4th bleaching

I knew that my hair really needed to be bleached again in order to achieve the right blonde i needed to go pastel purple. I was really reluctant to bleach twice in one day, but none the less, i did it. I only left it in for about 15 minutes again. By this time my scalp was little saw. my hair was finally a lot lighter then before and with a last toning shampoo wash, i was ready to dye my hair lilac!

If you have hair that's any darker the coppery blonde, then bleaching your hair will be a long process.
I also would not recommend doing it as quick as i did. I was exceptionally lucky not to turn bald! I would also recommend purchasing a silver toning shampoo as it eliminates the yellow/coppery tones that comes with un-naturally blonde hair.

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