My hair is no longer colourful!

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Monday, April 29, 2013
Although there is no picture what so ever of me with my purple/pink/blue hair. I though i would still share the fact that it is now official back to brown.

I loved my hair so much when it was all crazy colour's. It was fun and crazy and made me smile. But... A lot of work goes into maintaining such vibrant colour's.

It was also so incredibly expensive having to buy hair dye every fortnight and bleach every so often.

I also really started to notice the effects of bleaching and styling. My poor hair was being tortured every weekend so i could have crazy coloured hair.

Especially as the summer is (slowly) getting closer, i wanted a hair colour that was easy and could hide my hairs imperfections.

I also found that actually it was fairly hard to choose clothes that didn't make my look like a rainbow, this meant that i t always wore black, white or grey. This was a shame because i really love wearing colours and vibrant patterns.

So, at the end of the day i had a lot of fun with my hair and definitely don't regret it. but, my experimenting days are o-v-e-r, over!

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