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Monday, April 29, 2013
Recently, there has been a flood of awesome and crazy coloured hair. Last October i caught the bug and went from a brunette, to a blonde and finally lilac! I love having coloured hair and since then, i have also had purple, white, pink, blue and all of the above together! Its a drastic and ambitious decision to go for the colour and like a lot of things, comes with its own list of risks. Of course, bleaching your hair is extremely risky and although i went ahead and did mine at home with a kit, I recommend getting it done by a professional or at least have a professional check the quality of your hair and whether its okay for you to bleach it. Dying your hair pastel (or whatever crazy colour you prefer) is not such a problem for your hair as it is a semi-permanent colour with no harmful chemicals, and can be diluted with conditioner in order to achieve the perfect pastel colour.

To bleach my and head and to bleach my roots i use "Jerome Russel's b blonde high lift powder bleach" and there "30 vol bottle of developer". It comes in the correct measurements and you simply have to put them together and mix them well into a creme formula. Bleaching my own hair is quite tricky so i have my dad help me do it. (yes, you read dad  haha)

To colour my hair i use "Directions" semi permanent hair colour by "La Riche". Its easy to use, can be mixed with other colour's and conditioner and has a nice(ish) smell to it. It lasts usually about a week before the colour fades but doesn't fade completely for about 10-15 days, (give or take a couple of days depending on how much i wash and style it). To make my dyes last longer as well as to spend less money, i buy a pot of colour as dark as possible without getting the colour too wrong, and then i mix about a teaspoon of it with a bottle of cheap white conditioner.(if the conditioner was any other colour, it would ruin the colour you are trying to go.)

Once i have the perfect colour, i apply it over my whole hair with a tint brush, (with the help of my dad of course) making sure that every inch o my hair is covered with an even amount of product. Leave it in for about 20 minutes and wash off like you would regular hair colour. Style you hair as normal, then behold to the world your new awesome hair!

The comments i get for my hair are unreal. people who i don't even know talk to me about my hair ll the time an i have to admit, i love it! its a great way to express your personality and gives you an excuse to go wild!

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